7 Mayıs 2012 Pazartesi


there is a small spot
In the darkness of the heart
there is a sparkle of light
twinkles deep into my eyes

the shadow is growing longer
into the emptiness of the streets
destruction consumes a night worker
who is seeking for himself

The dream lies from a window
to the window with broken glasses
from white dreams' wings
a hollow man is falling.

He doesn't want to be
A falling hollow man
but there have to be
more than this

His dreams were empty
why darkness had to come
to his nonsense stupid life?
it was never known

an ancient story was told
about spirits of the sacred worlds
that will remember his face
but this world will never

now he is a million
minutes away from home
in a secret planet of existence
he will be waiting all

storyteller is always wrong
he was never known
people jeered to his face
but he never smiled, hence

oh, dreams of bliss
in a vain of hope
oh, dreams of death
full of bloody ropes

this is the way the world
has never seen at the mirrors
this is the way of dreams
have never ended with screams

the death I know was cold
but this man's death was
hotter than the sun
he left a smile
on his ugly face...