21 Mart 2012 Çarşamba


                 As you know, life is not enough for living. And as I understood, I've never lived enough for dying. When I trying to explain my feelings about life, people are always laughing. Every book I've read ,since I learnt reading, told me an another story about life. And I consumed the experiences of authors. So I've lived so much and I have enough experiences. That is a lie how long you live is how much you know. Every person has his/her own life.
                  "The world is a lonely place and you're on your own." That is a quote from a song by Black Sabbath. And that is what my life means.

                    Sometimes I dream... I dream about my future. Sometimes I dream I am sleeping in the sewers, sometimes I dream I am flying high on the clouds. They are so different, but this is me. This is my life. And I want to live it by my own.

                     No matter what the others dictating to me, no matter how tried the others ramming me down. I will do whatever my heart dictates to me. The truth lies only inside me. And I understand it! This truth will never hide. No matter how much the others will try!

                     I do not ACCEPT any country's law! I do not want to see the people around me! But I am only a man. That is all. The others are all liars!